Pursuing Healthy BPO Lifestyle: Stopping Common Unhealthy Habits

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smoking one of the unhealthy habits in BPO

Habits are your usual tendencies or behaviors and may tend to occur subconsciously. The state of health, happiness, and success are mainly a result of your daily habits. If you’re not in good shape, unsuccessful, or sad, your bad and unhealthy habits can be a factor or the primary culprit.

Why it’s hard to change unhealthy habits?

Bad habits can ruin your life and hinder you from achieving your goals. And not only they can waste your time and energy, they can also cause multiple health issues. But while most of us know all of these, it’s a sad fact that we still do them.

Psychology Today explains that it requires extra motivation or confidence if you’re trying to go against the default action in your brain. If you’re unsure why you’re changing, don’t believe you’re making the right choice, or doubt if what you’re doing will work, you’ll likely go back to your automatic behaviors.

What causes unhealthy habits?

two glasses of beer one of the unhealthy habits in BPO

In most BPO companies, the common triggers of an unhealthy lifestyle are stress, irate clients, difficult bosses, overwhelming workload, and graveyard shifts. According to Call Center Beat, common unhealthy habits of BPO employees include:

1. A.M. Bar Hopping

Most BPO firms in the Philippines follow the office hours of their foreign business counterparts. Thus, it’s common that BPO employees work at night and sleep in the morning. They get off from work before sunrise. And just like other regular employees they do enjoy happy hour and bar hopping to unwind and socialize. The difference though is that they do this before daybreak.

2. Chronic Smoking

Though not proven by experts, some BPO employees claim that smoking eases their stress and calm their nerves. But contrary to what they say, chain smoking may cause them more harm than good. It can lead to serious health problems such as lung cancer, heart disease, premature aging, and blood circulation issues.

3. Excessive Caffeine

Since a person is normally asleep at night, graveyard shift employees are fighting sleepiness through caffeine boost—coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, and food supplements. Though some of them may have good effects to the body, too much of everything is still bad.

4. Too Much Fast Food

Looking for food during breaks at the middle of the night is another struggle for BPO workers. Unless they’re willing to cook and bring packed food, oily, salty, and fatty food from fast food joints, convenience stores, and vending machines are the only options they have.

How to change unhealthy habits?

Woman at the gym avoiding unhealthy habits

Although most companies provide great BPO healthcare benefits for their employees, promotion of a healthy employee lifestyle is way better. Having 24/7 gyms, pantries with healthy home-cooked meals, and recreation lounges can help employees stay away from the unhealthy habits mentioned above.

However, despite employers’ effort to provide all of these, nothing will change if you don’t have the motivation and drive to change. Acknowledging your unhealthy habits is always the first step toward change. To guide you to a healthy lifestyle, check out these 8 Health Hacks for Filipino Call Center Agents.

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Photo by Irina Kostenich, Matan Segev, and mentatdgt from Pexels


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