6 Reasons for Being Open to Outsourcing to the Philippines

Philippines OutsourcingWith the big buzz about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to different developing countries such as India, Philippines, and China, many and many are getting confused how it made such a ruckus in the global market.

So to enlighten the many that still have question marks in their heads, the industry is now one of the most popular strategies of acquiring manpower for non-core business tasks. It involves two things: first is hiring a subcontractor from outside the company, more often than not from other countries.

But this article is not written just to tell about offshoring, we are here to convince you that leveraging in the country has a very good potential of not just boosting your business, but also the global economy. These are the reason why there are times that outsourcing to Philippines is the most cost-effective solution:

1.    Reduced Labor Costs

Most of your processes may not be so important to be worth a fortune. Or they are only needed to be done once.  So, will you need to buy expensive manpower on-board to perform temporary and unimportant tasks? There are instances when you really need to utilize resources offshore.

2.    Focus on Core Tasks

Is the vacant job post in the company directly related to your product? If not, you may opt to find a subcontractor who has a specialty on the non-core task you needed. Not only that you’ll get quality service, you will also save money from materials and training. Now you’ll get to hire more of strategists and talents for your core business, or you can sell your product at a more marketable cost.

3.    Time-Saving

It’s hard to find an applicant that exactly fits in the post you needed. That’s why it takes weeks, even months just to fill a vacancy in your company. And yes, this applies even to finding employees who will do the less-priority jobs. By outsourcing to Philippines, you don’t have to hustle over finding the manpower you need.

4.    Strong Cultural Affinity

Filipinos by nature are highly proficient in English. This is because the country had been under American ruling for a long time during the war, and up until now, this is influencing the culture of the country. Filipinos were used to English movies, books, and even songs. The language is also included in the curriculum from kindergarten up to college.

5.    Facility-Ready

Since the country boasts of its wide pool of talents, the country is continuing to invest on technology and structures that can uphold its niche as a global service provider. Hence, assuring you not only of quality manpower, but also of quality facilities to use in rendering its stakeholders the best service for a mutually beneficial transaction.

6.    Advantage in Time Zone Differences

If your company operates 24/7, it might be a hassle to your employees to do night shifts and an inconvenience to you to spend a considerable amount to sustain the operation. Since the country is located in a different time zone, you may use this to your advantage without worrying about doubling your manpower costs.

So are you open to a more innovative way of processing your business? The world is shrinking now with the aid of the powerful worldwide web. Never get left out, consider outsourcing to Philippines.

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