Outsourcing to the Philippines, Topnotch Destination

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Outsourcing Philippines Due to the continuing effect of recession to multinational companies all across the globe, countless business organizations in developed countries decided to contract out some of the minor components of their business. This strategy helps them reduce the organization’s operating expenses and achieve their goals. Thus, this instigates the upturn of the industry in China, India, and the Philippines.

Currently, the country is sharing the top spot in the business process alongside with India and China. These Asian countries have been recognized as one of the key destinations for outsourced services.

The growth of the industry in the country can be attributed to the following factors and characteristics of the Filipinos.

Strong Western Cultural affinity

Both Spain and the U.S. colonized the Philippines for more than a century. That’s the reason why the local people have a strong cultural affinity with the Western countries. The Filipinos’ exposure to American culture made them more familiar with the Western business practices than with other Asian nations. Due to the like-mindedness of the Filipinos with Westerners, organizations that opt to offshore their business concerns considered outsourcing to the Philippines as the best option to maximize their productivity. They also expect that workforce from this country would be able to integrate and adapt to their current professional environment easily.

First Rate English Proficiency

The ability to communicate effectively with their clients is one of the major considerations of various organizations when it comes to outsourcing services. It is important that the business’ offshore workforce has topnotch English proficiency in order to communicate well with clients, thus, achieve global competitiveness in the future.

The Philippines, whose 72 percent of its population is English proficient, is the third prevalent English-speaking country in the world. This made them a likely candidate for rendering call support and assistance to Western countries. Another commendable and impressive characteristic of Filipinos is the capability to adopt accents and utilize terminologies that attracts numerous clients.

Compared to other Asian countries, the Philippine education system is intensely influenced by the Americans. As a result, for over a hundred years, the country is using English as a medium of instruction for the primary, secondary, and collegiate level. This made the Filipinos as first-rate English speaking individuals. Moreover, it also made the country as one of the excellent place for the business process.

Academic Excellence and Expert Labor Force

Additional significant factor that the outsourcing buyers take into consideration is the level of educational accomplishment and expertise of their offshore manpower.

Filipinos believe that education is the primary key to success. That’s the reason why many individuals have a deep regard for quality education. The country has an enormous pool of proficient and highly educated professionals. In fact, records show that the country produces almost half a million graduates per year. This makes foreign organizations confident in outsourcing to the Philippines.

Highly Experienced Workers with Strong Work Ethics

Considering the huge contribution of the industry in the country’s economy, the local government took all its means and resources to provide trainings to aspiring manpower. This initiative aims to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of both service providers and its hired workers.

Apart from being highly competitive, Filipinos are known for being loyal and dedicated personnel. Their dedication has resulted to great quality of output and services.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The country is one of the most ideal options when it comes to outsourcing destination because of its advanced telecommunication facilities. The constantly developing and upgrading telecommunication facilities during the past few years gave the country an edge over China and India.

More than the low labor cost that the country has to offer, it is the Filipinos’ talents, creativity, and professional values that made outsourcing to the Philippines as an excellent choice.