Outsourcing to the Philippines: An Answer to Unemployment?

Outsourcing PhilippinesBusiness and Knowledge Process Outsourcing is consistently growing in the Philippines. In fact, it has become one of the largest industries that contributes to the country’s revenue, as well as provides employment to a number of Filipinos nationwide.

An article written by Paolo Romero for the Philippine Star quotes the Malacañang palace’s statement stating that the nation is the “third top performing offshore country in the Asia Pacific, next to India and China.” The Philippines, it says: “is aiming for a ten percent market share as it sells its many advantages to various companies in the United States and Europe.” No wonder that the country was able to provide thousands of jobs to the unemployed. The National Statistics Office’s latest survey result said that the aspect of employment in the country has improved; while the Department of Labor and Employment’s officials noted that seven million were underemployed but recently had a number of reductions.

The Present Trend

Currently, numerous BPO and KPO companies observe a number of nursing, accounting, and other non-communication related course graduates entering the industry each year. Though the work has no relation to their educational background, a lot of Filipinos still choose to work in the said field to be financially capable and secure.

Great thing, however, clients select the Philippines as their business partner. This is primarily due to the country’s low labor and operational costs. By bringing outsourcing to the Philippines, foreign companies are able to afford doubling their production and save much on other resources. Not only does this business process reduce their production time, it also assures better quality of services as most BPO and KPO firms exert great effort in training their people.

In addition, Filipinos are naturally hospitable and possess good working ethics. They also hold great English proficiency compared with other nations; thus, making them the primary destination of most international employers.

Qualifications for Employment

The industry of outsourcing to the Philippines has continued to succeed throughout the country. Most companies accept applicants who have finished at least two years in college, yet some also allow high school graduates. Nevertheless, it is always an advantage that an applicant earned a degree that is related to communication or Information Technology. This will not only increase his/her chances of being chosen compared to others, it will also push him/her above his/her competitors and colleagues.

Besides the educational background, applicants are also required to have excellent written and oral English communication skills. They should be able to converse naturally with other people, especially with customers from abroad. Also, since this industry’s main tools are computers, it is a requirement that he/she is computer literate and is capable of handling various programs and applications. In addition, he/she also has to be equipped in working in various shifting schedules and in changing day-offs.

Surely, these opportunities are a big help in providing jobs to many Filipinos and in lessening the poverty rate of the country. Aside from the high salary that most companies offer, they also give out benefits and incentives to their employees.

Instead of deciding to work abroad, Filipinos (regardless of degree or professional background) are now having a favorable chance to work inside the country and earn the same by simply working in several outsourcing jobs offered within the Philippines. They are not only given the opportunity to show and share their outstanding and first-rate skills to companies worldwide, they are also able to receive a reasonable price for their hard work.

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