Flexible Outsourcing Pricing

That Suits Your Business Needs

Monthly Charge

Our flexible outsourcing pricing is based on this easy-to-understand transparent calculation:

Monthly Charge Per Employee =

Outsourcing Pricing - Employee Salary

Employee Salary

This represents the base salary of each staff. Discussion of details will be made during the offshore outsourcing negotiation process.

Outsourcing Pricing - employee benefits

Employee Benefits

Covering the governmental and company benefits, this represents part of the whole compensation package we give to all the staff.

Outsourcing Pricing - management fee

Management Fee

This refers to all the operational expenses, which include office, infrastructure, and the overhead costs for each of the staff.

Management Fee

  • Human Resource (HR) Management

    The HR team will facilitate every aspect of managing the entire offshore outsourcing employees, including, but are not limited to, performance, attendance, growth and development initiatives, and employee relations.

  • Office

    The office is well equipped with state-of-the-art Information Technology and telecommunications infrastructure, fully air-conditioned rooms, and 24/7 security and building administration support. All these offer a professional and fully convenient workplace, conducive for providing world-class offshore outsourcing services.

  • Information Technology (IT) and Technical Support

    Our team of IT and technical support is available 24/7, fully ensuring the smooth operations of all our infrastructures and tools.

  • Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure

    We deploy high-speed Internet connection, high-spec desktop computer with LCD screen, and shared telephone lines, backed by our basic software set including Windows Vista, Open Office, and Protection Suite.


Other Outsourcing Pricing System

Apart from our monthly and hourly pricing systems, we have other pricing options that can best suit your project(s) and financial preference. These give you full flexibility in exploring the most fitting costing solution for you:

Fixed project price

Ideal for both small-scale and large-scale projects, fixed project price system is a cost effective and low risk option for you. This works to your advantage because you can determine your budget allocation beforehand. Fixed price can be set on web-based research and design services.


We also offer cost-based pricing if you are outsourcing large-scale projects. In this pricing system, we’ll prepare everything needed to get your projects done such as the employees and the technology. All these costs, plus management fee, equate to the amount you’ll pay if you will opt for cost-based pricing. Basically, we’ll literally operate a business unit for you with much emphasis on the transparency of all the costs involved in your project.


This is perfect for projects that can be easily tracked and quantified such as article writing and data conversion. You can tell us the specific number of articles you need or the number of batches for data conversion. Each can then be treated as a unit. Note that this system secures efficiency and cost savings because you will compensate us based on the number of units produced for you.