Common Online and Offline Data Entry Jobs You Can Outsource

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Do you find data entry jobs a waste of time despite its value in business information management? Worry no more, for you can outsource such tasks to focus more on what you do best. Sure, it’s just a small area of your brand but never underestimate its power in growing your business. Perhaps, you may think that farming out online and offline data entry jobs seem risky. But in reality, most of your competitors invest in hiring business process outsourcing (BPO) firms to take cover. Hence, if you look for a credible BPO provider, your business can guarantee success.

With outsourcing’s thriving industry that caters across most trades, it’s important to know the perks of using BPO services. So, if you’re having second thoughts on outsourcing online typing jobs and offline data entry jobs, let us convince you. You can’t go wrong with entrusting this seemingly trivial task to a service provider. Now is the best time to invest in outsourcing both online and offline data entry jobs. Outsource-Philippines, an outsourcing company in the Philippines, shares two separate lists of the types of data entry tasks you can outsource.

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Offline Data Entry Jobs You Can Outsource


Basic typing job

One of the most common and easiest data entry jobs is also the most basic one—typing task. If your business deals with piles of documents and keeps every detail in check, you must consider outsourcing an expert typist. You can rely on this service whenever you need to type lists into an Excel spreadsheet or paragraphs into a Word document. If possible, get someone who is good at reading PDF document and can put the texts in a Word file.

Copy-and-paste job

This one solves your problem if you intend to transfer files or need to have backup copies of documents. It seems an easy task, but, indeed, a crucial one. It doesn’t just involve the simple process of copying certain data or portions and pasting them to another. What makes it tough is it requires a thorough understanding of the data sets so the typist won’t commit mistakes which might harm the business.

Data cleaning

Corporate data isn’t always free from errors but finding them may take a lot of time. Hence, you have to get someone with keen eyes to spot and remove apparent errors from a database, list, or table. You can seek to clean any of your spreadsheet or Word file.

Catalog data entry

Many firms that are into business, specifically retail and sales, entrust their product inventories to data entry service provider. You can also do it given your willingness to expose some details relating to your product—which include serial numbers and quantities and prices.

Payroll data entry

You can process this job either offline or online, depending on the system you use or method you apply. But both methods may be too risky, given the confidentiality of the information you need to complete this task. Make a good decision so you won’t compromise the privacy and security of employees.

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Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Outsource



If your venture is of high risk to hacking and scam, you need to employ a security program called CAPTCHA to save your site and your customers as well. Today, many firms are willing to spend thousands or even millions to make new CAPTCHAs just to protect their sites. Thanks to CAPTCHA entry sites, you can have other people working to solve raw CAPTCHAs into texts.

Online surveys

Hiring market research companies, specifically online survey sites, are one of the common business practices these days. How can they help in fulfilling your data entry needs? They can serve as an intermediary that can get people do the boring task of completing online surveys. If you’re in the sales and retail industry or any field that gives special attention to factors concerning consumers and their product preferences, do online surveys. Since this disinterests many, seek help from an online survey website.

Online form filling

This type of work is common among firms from various fields, yet, it consumes too much time, as it requires careful input of data to appropriate fields. If your business has massive sets of information and you need to organize them through online forms, let others outside your company do the task.

Get your stuff done by hiring experts online and offline data entry jobs now. Strike while the iron is hot. When finding a data entry service provider, consider the quality of work and application of proper validation method toward achieving great results. You have to learn data entry specifics to protect your business and never compromise anything.

Outsource-Philippines offers data processing services that include data entry service, both online and offline jobs. We guarantee to do the tasks effectively in our client’s favor and employ quality assurance system that passes high standards while meeting target timeline. For more details about this service, call us via these contact numbers.