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8 Health Hacks for Filipino Call Center Agents

The outsourcing sector contributes much to the Philippines’ economic growth. Thanks to the local talents’ unmatched competence, the country has become one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations in the world. Despite the success, many Filipino call center agents suffer health issues because most jobs in this trade make them work at night to serve foreign clients. This lifestyle, though, can harm their well-being as their health sometimes takes a backseat to avoid impeding the workflow.

How Filipino Call Center Agents Can Take Care of Their Health

To keep your job as a contact center agent in the Philippines, you can do simple activities to boost your work performance and physical health—at work and at home. Below are easy ways to survive a night-time work schedule and keep yourself healthy.

  • Drink enough water.

Filipino Call Center Agents: drink more water

Do you feel tired after working for several hours? Hydrate yourself. Drinking plenty of water will rather bring your strength and vigor back. This sounds so cliché, but water keeps you hydrated and energetic. Just prepare for frequent trips to the restroom.

  • Drink (less) coffee.

Drink Less Coffee: Filipino call center agents

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Coffee shops are everywhere, and for sure you consume two or more cups of coffee in a shift. While caffeine can keep you alert, getting enough or more of it may be harmful to your health. What you should do instead is to sip a cup before you work and ditch it a few hours before going home.

  • Eat healthy meals.

Filipino call center agents: eat healthy meals

Most employees working at night order food from fast-food restaurants or eat in convenience stores. In fact, many eat snacks instead of healthy energy-boosting meals.

  • Take a nap during breaks.

Filipino call center agents: nap

Don’t exhaust yourself with overwhelming tasks or overthinking of the impending deadline. Hence, spend your break by taking a 5 to 15-minute nap to relax your mind and body and regain your energy.

  • Do meditation and “deskercise.”

deskercise: Filipino call center agents

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The work of a call center agent involves long sitting periods that may have an ill effect on overall health. Try doing simple stretches and physical exercises between calls. Likewise, you can relax and clear your mind by meditating during your free time.

  • Listen to music.

music: Filipino call center agents

One great way to set your mood is to listen to music. In fact, you may listen to your or anyone else’s playlist on Spotify to pique your interest and keep you alive as you do your tasks.

  • Get enough sleep.

Filipino call center agents: sleep

Night-shift workers lack enough sleep that can affect work performance. Your body clock and the environment could be the culprits. To solve this, you can make your room dark as if it’s nighttime, so you can sleep long with ease.

  • Reset your biological clock.

Filipino call center agents: biological clock

First, you can try light therapy, where you control the lighting to affect your brain. In particular, you can expose yourself to or hide from the light to fake or trick your circadian rhythm. Otherwise, you can reset your body clock by eating nothing for 12 to 16 hours or until your shift ends.

Don’t let your (full-time) work, often in irregular schedules, threaten your health/life or spend your earnings on hospital bills. Apply these hacks to stay healthy.

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