Digital Marketing Strategy: Quantity vs. Quality

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digital marketing strategy

A smart, well-written content is part of digital marketing strategy. In the virtual world, people need and expect to get inclusive write-ups since they came online for easy-to-access info. Thus, it’s never enough that authors can write more. What’s important is the gist of the contents they write. This is just what author Ingrid Holm-Garibay says in her book “Quality over quantity is absolutely a truth in everything worthy.”

In the world of digital or internet marketing, engaging, relevant, and valuable contents is one of the key factors to thrive. Based on a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, a content marketing matching company in Cleveland, 64% of marketers think drafting enough content is their primary challenge in the industry. That sums up why companies build their efforts to write contents like, “Oh, I’ve heard they publish 4 contents daily. Fine, tell the writers to make it 6! Order the marketers to be triple active on social media!”

If it’s only quantity that matters, then, why do writers need to proofread their work? Why do editors exist? And why is there a need to follow guidelines and rules in writing? So, it’s only fair to say that, yes, quality is also important. This is because if you value only one area and neglect to keep your posts on point, you risk losing audience. Don’t flood users with low-quality posts just to meet a quota. You’re doing your brand more harm than good when you fall for that petty tactic.

Pointers in Writing Content for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Good grammar shows smart content

Acrolinx, a multimillion marketing software provider, used modern linguistic analytics software to assess web contents. The study showed that 20 million sentences from 340 firms’ contents were analyzed for errors. Likewise, on a scale of 0 to 100, only 31% of the assessed companies have exceeded a score of 72, while the remaining 69% scored below 72.

To produce high-quality content, writers must seriously consider grammar and thorough research. Yes, for sure, it takes a great deal of time, patience, and lots of effort. But, the brand will build its reputation and gain the trust of its clients if quality is put first.

Smart Content Builds Valid SEO

If a brand consistently creates quality content for its target market, it will gain authority, more traffic, and a higher chance of conversion. Likewise, it defines the voice and personality of the brand.

Well-Written Content Brings Good Results to Your Online Brand

Writing and publication of contents full of substance keeps the brand from several business concerns, including:

  • Burying the site in a sea of white noise, because the content does not differ from others;
  • Turning off clients, because the content is an embarrassment.
  • Leaving media channels, because of the belief that content marketing is a waste of time (for the expected results aren’t achieved yet).

digital marketing strategy
Writing smart content is a foolproof digital marketing strategy that requires time, effort, and dedication. When done right, the brand will receive a boost in interest and reputation. So why join the volume game? Make sure you work on giving better quality versus quantity and don’t dare mix them up!

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