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How it Works

How it works - Contact Outsource Philippines


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    How it works - Contact Outsource Philippines


    We’ll hire the right people for your account

    How it works - Contact Outsource Philippines


    Onboarding and training process

    How it works - Contact Outsource Philippines


    We’ll manage the whole operation of your process

    Hire us and immediately receive

    the following benefits:

    • Reduced company overhead; thus, increasing profit margin

      Hire remote staff and see the difference when hiring locals that costs higher; not to mention the benefits and premium that you need to provide for them.

    • Improved efficiency

      Grow your business further by delegating other tasks to your remote staff, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

    • Fully managed service

      Aside from providing each of your remote staff with fully equipped workstations, we assign highly responsive process/team leaders to manage them. We will listen to your feedback and train the staffs continuously.

    • Fully private label

      Your customers think it is your office staff talking. We ensure that your remote staff complies with quality standards.

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    Our Happy Clients

    • Every business process is highly crucial. We’re looking for a team that can really deliver, someone that we can trust. Our company is fortunate enough to have found Outsource-Philippines. We have been a happy company for 5 years and counting now.

      DAWN M.


    • Thank you to Outsource Philippines team for helping us build our own team. We’re very happy with the relationship we have together.

      RUDY M.


    • We’re now able to streamline our processes properly. Your team at Outsource-Philippines is such a big help. You are part of our continued success.

      MICHAEL T.

      NEW YORK

    • For anyone looking for an outsourcing firm in the Philippines, Outsource-Philippines should be your choice. The people are helpful and friendly; you wouldn’t mind rewarding their loyalty and diligence.

      SERENA F.