Understanding the Philippines’ Business Practices and Culture

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Manila Philippines and high buildings that practices business etiquette

Unlike any other culture, the Philippines’ business etiquette and practices grow through personal relations. Filipinos are keen, literate, hardworking, and friendly. Hence, many foreign businesses and tycoons choose to put up their trade here.

It’s a fact, Philippine culture was greatly influenced by various countries. However, it still has its own business etiquette rules which Filipino workforce use these days. So, if you look forward to doing business in the Philippines, there are things you need to know. How would you prepare for a trade meeting with a Filipino partner? Does it require huge efforts to meet their practices? What Filipino culture and values should you adapt?

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But before jumping in the business norms in the Philippines, let’s do a quick brush up.

Team leaders discussing about business etiquette

What is business etiquette? It’s a set of rules and manners that guides people in interacting with colleagues, workers, trade partners, and trade prospects. There are various types of business protocol and even office etiquette, but it all boils down to the proper way of dealing with people.

Now, if you’re planning on whether you’ll hire an outsourcing firm or launch your business here, let us help you. We rounded up the basics of how you can get along well.

Different Business Cultures and Etiquette in the Philippines

The Philippines brims with rich and vibrant cultures. It’s a blend of Spanish, Japanese, and even Western culture due to colonization. But here are some business etiquette and culture you should know.

1. Meetings start later than the set schedule.

You may find it odd but there’s a notion that meet-ups begin later than the agreed time. This doesn’t mean Filipinos do not treasure time and you can come late. Arrive beforehand and adapt to sudden changes flexibly.

2. Filipinos have great social skills.

As per Filipino culture experts Maida Pineda and Paul Rodell, Pinoy business owners value interpersonal relationships and build a business with trust. They put high worth on trust in forming a professional bond. So, hiring them is a great choice if you aim to build a good foundation with your partners.

3. Philippine society gives weight to hierarchy.

Just like other Asian countries, this country practices pecking order. Knowing who to approach first is crucial. Thus, contact the right person. Keep your heads up and know that connecting with lower-leveled workers won’t favor you. Target the middle people, for they have the power to fuel your chance and boost your deal.

4. Filipinos are indirect and they avoid conflicts as much as they can.

Keep your word and commit to your promises. They are hospitable and kind, so their friendly vibe doesn’t mean that the deal is in progress. Perhaps, they want to keep things light to avoid conflicts. What’s distinctive about Filipino business strategy? Relationships play a huge role. Hence, consider giving gifts is a business culture you should consider.

5. Never joke about religion and avoid a direct clash.

Shun away from aggressive actions like strong eye contact, tapping or raising conflicts closely. Filipino culture is a blend of professional ethics and warm actions, especially in business culture. During meetings, choose the right attire and don’t go overdress. Locals take meetings seriously, so you have to dress accordingly.

The Official Business Language in the Philippines

Now, how do Filipinos communicate? Should you hire a translator? Filipino or Tagalog is their official national language. Yet, English is widely spoken and it’s the primary language used for businesses.

Remember: Filipinos are indirect so, deliver your offer carefully. They won’t say no in front of you, so listen closely. Their culture dwells in respect and relationships. Therefore, build rapport, respect people, and engage yourself. Take an effort to grasp these ethics to secure your business goals and deals.

Manila Philippines and high buildings that practices business etiquette

Why Partnering with Filipinos can Help Your Business Grow

Aside from its economic status, the Filipino workers show great efforts in providing quality service like no other. They would go the extra mile in boosting your business to grow and to strengthen the present status. This makes this place an ideal site to outsource business. Besides, the business custom and practices said above shows how outsourcing here is easier.

Do you find the business culture and practices in the Philippines good for your business? Learn its business etiquette and culture and aim your goals. All it takes is time and the step of choosing what’s best for you.

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