Understanding the Philippines’ Business Practices and Culture

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Unlike other cultures, Philippines’ business etiquette and practices grow through personal relations. Because Filipinos are keen, initiative, and friendly, many foreign countries and tycoons take advantage of such traits and put up businesses here. Although the Philippines observes various cultural influences, it heavily caters to its own business practices. So, how would you prepare for a business meeting with a Filipino partner? Does it require a huge effort to meet their practices? If you want to know the business etiquette and practices of Filipinos, continue reading this article from Outsource-Philippines, a business process outsourcing firm.

As per Maida Pineda and Paul Rodell, pros in Filipino culture, Pinoy business owners build a business with trust. Meaning, if you came from a diverse culture that conducts important decisions over the phone or through emails, you need to adjust your grip.

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What You Must Know About the Philippines’ Business Etiquette and Filipino Culture

To appreciate the Filipino culture when it comes to business etiquette and practices, we rounded up some of the basics for you to get along in the Philippine culture. This guide aims to introduce focal points you must remember when you decide to run business dealings in this country. And because the culture is quite different from other countries, you must take an effort to grasp the ethics to secure successful business deals. Besides, the Filipino culture is enthusiastic you won’t mind embracing them at all.

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Philippine Culture: Behavior, Culture, Business Etiquette, and Language

Philippines society uses a hierarchy just as with any part of Asia. Knowing who to approach first is important; thus, make sure to contact the right person. Keep your heads up and connecting with lower-leveled workers won’t benefit you. Target the middle people because they have the power to fuel your chance and boost your deal. Hence, connection plays a vital role in this business culture.

You may find it unusual, but meetings start later than the agreed time. However, this doesn’t mean you can come late. Arrive beforehand and adapt to sudden changes flexibly.

Keep your word and commit to your promises. Filipinos are indirect and avoid conflicts in possible ways. Since hospitality and kindness are innate, their friendly attitude doesn’t mean that the deal is in progress. Perhaps, they want to keep things light to avoid conflicts. Also, giving gifts is a business etiquette you should learn.

Aside from the business etiquette and practices, know the local ethics in the place. Never joke about religion and avoid direct confrontation. Shun away from aggressive actions such as strong eye contact, tapping, or raising conflicts closely. Filipino culture is a blend of professional ethics and enthusiastic actions, especially in the business culture. During meetings, choose the right attire and don’t overdress. Filipinos take meetings professionally, so you have to dress accordingly.

Communication is very important. Keep in mind that Filipinos are indirect, so make sure to deliver your offer carefully. They won’t say “No” in front of you. You just need to listen closely. Lastly, the Philippine culture dwells with respect and relationships. Therefore, you must build rapport, show respect, and engage yourself. If you came from a diverse culture that runs directly, accept that the Philippine culture appreciates small talks.

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Can Outsourcing to the Philippines Help Your Business Grow?

Philippines is one of the top outsourcing destinations. Aside from its economic status, Filipino workers show great efforts in giving quality service like no other. Workers go the extra mile in boosting your business to grow and to strengthen the present relationship. This makes the Philippines an ideal location to outsource your business tasks. Besides, the business etiquette and practices mentioned above shows how outsourcing to the Philippines is simpler compared to others.

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