The Impact of AI Systems on Jobs: Favorable or Unhelpful?

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AI systems vs human

For many, the whole idea of artificial intelligence (AI) may sound futuristic and scary. Experts say that it is the fear of the unknown that makes the future with AI systems daunting especially for people in the production, manufacturing, and BPO industry.

Current Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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AI has been around for several decades, but has only recently been available in real-world applications. It quickly seeps into our everyday lives. You may have used one without knowing. To give you an idea of how deep AI has set itself into our daily lives, here are few of the current applications of AI systems listed in

1. Smartphones

If you own one of the latest smartphones in the market, chances are, you already used the AI technology built into the mobile device. Smart assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Bixby to face unlock and animated emojis are just some of the current AI features on smartphones.

2. Social Media Feeds

It may sound creepy, but AI greatly impacts your social media decisions. From the feeds on your timeline to the app notifications, AI selects, organizes, curates, and looks after everything.

3. Music and Media Streaming Services

Using your activity history, AI systems are the technology behind the recommended videos on YouTube, shows on Netflix, and the pre-created playlist on Spotify that might interest you.

4. Online Ads Network

Ever wonder why ads on the web page you’re in matches your food cravings or one of the items on your wish list? It is not merely a coincidence, it’s the product of your search history and AI stats.

5. Navigation and Travel

Just like smart assistants, travel and navigation apps and software also utilize AI to provide you real-time traffic information and fare price from point A to point B.

AI Systems in the Philippine BPO Industry

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Rather than a competition, AI systems and humans can form a collaboration that makes our lives easier. In the BPO industry, instead of replacing jobs, BPO firms will upskill their employees and train them to use AI-systems to make them more effective and productive.

As written in The Manila Times, our government is launching a “Philippine AI Workforce” initiative to provide more jobs using Augmented Intelligence or AI2-enabled systems. These will combine the power of AI with human intelligence to upskill Filipino workers and enable them to do complex and higher-paying tasks.

Contrary to the biggest concerns that AI will replace the demand for human labor, it is creating new career opportunities. The rise of AI systems will not only help existing BPO employees but also give jobs to those in the rural areas.

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