Why Us

Outsource-Philippines is a dynamic player in the BPO/KPO industry. We focus on forming major partnerships with businesses all over the globe. We profit from our staff’s innate and first-rate skills, hard work, and passion for excellence. Check out these eight reasons why you should hire us.

1. High Quality and Efficient Workforce

Outsource-Philippines boasts of seasoned and hardworking Filipino staffs. We have virtual assistants, digital marketing specialists, writing specialists, web developers, graphic designers, and data processing specialists who can support your core business functions and work with great speed and accuracy. They go through a tough screening process and undergo regular trainings and coaching sessions to advance their skills.

Qualified and Efficient Workforce from Outsource Philippines
Office Based Outsourcing Staff

2. Dedicated Office-Based Staffs

We house all our employees in a fully furnished and technologically equipped office. Compared to home-based workers, our staffs undergo quality monitoring and evaluation every three months. Department managers and team leaders regularly supervise and check their performance ensuring better output and greater product delivery.

3. Structured Contingency Plan

Disasters can disrupt the service and destroy vital records and files. With our structured risk management plan; however, we guarantee uninterrupted service and data safety. We can outdo fire, floods, typhoons, power failure, and earthquakes.

During calamities, we pledge our preparedness through the following:

  • We run our business in two different locations. Each workplace boasts of fully furnished workstations, up-to-date computers, high-speed Internet, servers, and power generators. In case of disasters, we transfer our services to an unaffected office unit to sustain operations.
  • We have strong IT and infrastructure system that assures continuous services. Our off-site backup (hosting server) stores huge data. It is accessible via the Internet.
  • We provide laptops for team leaders and managers. They can work at home or in remote areas to deliver projects in case of emergency. This ensures nonstop online workflow and prompt project delivery.
  • We have backup generators to deal with power failure.
  • We ensure a 24/7 security and keep CCTVs to protect the office from theft.
Structured Contingency Plan from Outsource Philippines
Outsourcing Company with Advanced Technology and Equipment in the Philippines

4. Advanced Technology and Equipment

We equip our office and workstations with an advanced ICT backbone, a fast and reliable Internet connection, backup generators, 24/7 security, and CCTV cameras. We ensure reliable services through:

  • Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IPPBX) with full, inbound, and outbound features;
  • Predictive dialer;
  • Registered Intel-based Dual Core;
  • Licensed Microsoft business software;
  • Fiber optic Internet connectivity;
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol;
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance;
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); and
  • Fully equipped workstations and conference rooms

5. Up to 50% Savings on Overhead Expenses

You can save 50% on your overhead expenses when you hire Outsource-Philippines for your staffing needs. You can cut down on staff wages, hiring costs, rent, employment benefits, and admin fee. With great savings, you can improve your core functions and expand your business.

Outsource Staffing with Price Savings
Custom Recruitment Based for Outsourcing in the Philippines

6. Custom Recruitment Based on Your Needs

Outsource-Philippines does not just assign someone or a team of professionals to work on your project. As our client, you have the chance to join our screening process and choose the best staff that matches your unique requirements. You can choose among our available staffing schemes and pay them on a per-hour or per-project basis.

7. Round-the-Clock Offshore Staffing

Time zone will never be a problem as we adjust based on your required working hours. Our staff can adapt to varying work schedules and shifts to attend to your business needs. You can always rely on us wherever your business is.

Round-the-Clock Offshore Staffing
Open and Friendly Customer Support from Outsource Philippines

8. Open and Friendly Customer Support

Outsource-Philippines is home to excellent customer management. We have polite and friendly support team to address your problems and concerns. Further, we have project coordinators to lead each project. Our lines are open 24/7.