Who We Are

When the Philippines started to be recognized as a key destination in the billion dollar industry of outsourcing, OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES emerged as a dynamic player. Amid all the challenges the industry presents, the company manages to continuously grow.

Since our inception in 2003, we have grown from a prime business process provider into becoming a first rate provider of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) to many clients worldwide. As such, we are centered on delivering projects built highly on the intellectual capability, expertise, and comprehensive analytical skills of our staff.

Maintaining our reputation in the industry, we seek to maintain and form a mutually beneficial partnership with you. While we position ourselves toward becoming a first rate business, we keep in mind our integrity and professionalism because we strongly uphold business and work ethics. We offer a variety of services such as contact center, multimedia development, writing, editing, research, and web development.

OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES is solely owned and managed by FilWeb Asia, Incorporated, headquartered in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines.

Mission Statement

Capitalizing on world-class Filipino knowledge workers, OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES secures the effectiveness of our value-adding services through our KPO solutions to startup, small, medium, and large businesses in every part of the globe. We seek to establish and maintain strong business partnerships both for the benefit of our clients worldwide and our staff.

Vision Statement

OUTSOURCE-PHILIPPINES envisions becoming the global leader in providing offshore knowledge process outsourcing solutions for every business worldwide, while promoting world-class Filipino talents for the global market.