Top Social Media Features That Can Boost Your Business

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Are you keeping up with Facebook and Twitter’s newest features? Do you wish to learn how to use Instagram for your business?

A few of the newest features of many social media sites can help you improve your business’ marketing strategy. Read to discover how you can use them to boost your business.

  • See first option
    You can now customize your news feed to prioritize updates from friends, groups, and pages. This news is great when your page contains good content, making your fans prioritize your posts.
  • Follow button
    Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends, but you can have an infinite number of followers; thus, enabling this button allows more people to connect with you.
  • Facebook beacon
    With this device, you can increase the visibility of your local business to people who are using Facebook nearby.
    You can send people a welcome message with a photo, endorsements from their friends who visited your store, a prompt to check in, and more.
  • Trending topics section
    Twitter is about sharing information, and nothing shows this more than its “Trending Topics” feature. This section is always updated, bringing you access to full market research on almost any target audience.
  • Twitter cards
    You can endorse your products using the gallery view and two “customizable fields” where you can add more details on them.
  • Custom timelines
    This is the same as Twitter list, but with custom timelines you can choose what tweets to include. You can also arrange a list from the oldest to the latest offerings so, with this, possible customers will know your latest products.

Next, if you use hashtags with your stuffs, you can make a timeline of the finest tweets from your clients. The same goes for customer assessments, endorsements, and answers to FAQs.  Aside from being efficient, the presentation is user-friendly, too.

  • Search button
    Hunt for a public place or landmark near your business and easily find Instagram users within close vicinity. These people represent a new potential client demographic. Engage with them by liking or commenting on their photos and requesting them to visit your business.
  • Explore button
    With this feature, you can see recommended users based on your Instagram activity. Follow them, note the things they are sharing, and create the same content that will interest them.

Stay ahead of the game. Update your social media marketing strategy by using these features.


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