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Knowledge Process Outsourcing CrazeDue to the recognized and evidenced gains acquired by many businesses through outsourcing in the past years, companies worldwide are not only subcontracting their secondary or non-core jobs, but also their central operations and activities. In fact, it has been predicted that this trend, which is referred to as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO),will yield 13 billion US dollars in 2012 and will account for the largest revenue share of 29 percent among various KPO verticals (Atos Consulting, 2011).

KPO, as it provides services for the major and critical operations of a company, requires special and advanced analytical skills. In comparison to BPO, it demands superior number of high-skilled workers and increased level of proficiency and excellence.

Thinking of taking advantage of the KPO craze? Here are some of the services you can avail:

Web Designing

Developing web sites with the use of the latest technologies and software requires experience, expertise, and commitment. KPO provides these solutions in a cost-effective manner. Through the development, enhancement, and implementation of web sites, contracted designers give you a service that will suit the concept of your company. It also offers web maintenance to ensure that web sites are protected and are regularly updated.

Research and Development

Every successful organization nowadays appreciates the significance of research in their industries. By acquiring relevant and accurate information concerning operations, competitors’ current standings, consumer mindsets, and many others; companies, huge or small, are able to easily formulate strategies and decisions that can effectively mold their corporate goals.

Business and Market Research and Analysis

It is vital among businesses to understand and recognize their customers’ behavior in purchasing and ordering products and services. By hiring out research experts and professionals, companies will be provided with vital information and strategies that can be used for better product and service selling and for effectively competing in today’s world market.

Legal and Financial Services

Knowledge process outsourcing provides analytic and quantitative research regarding various corporate financial matters. It provides companies an expert team of financial researchers and certified public accountants that can give full financial research services necessary for different company processes. From banking services to securities, exchange and investment services, as well as, tax preparation and payroll administration, the team can efficiently prepare for you your required documents in productive and quick turnaround times.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Services

Physicians/practitioners, pharmacists, and other related professionals can also subcontract their core research activities as many companies now offer research services on topics related to prescriptions analysis, medical products, and services. Their team of experts provides details on the cost and items of each service in a given area. They meticulously analyze the market and share formulating ideas on how to conduct a more effective marketing strategy for medical products and services.

Data Extraction Services

Data extraction services, which are one of the fastest-growing outsourcing industries today, offer companies and stakeholders their needed information from company websites, databases, social networking websites, yellow pages, documents, e-mails, images, and others. Given the large and expensive cost of data collection, many companies have turned to data extraction services for support. Aside from helping businesses research and gather data, service providers also assist in managing and converting these documents into useful information at the most productive turnaround time and in the most suitable media format.

The future of Knowledge Process Outsourcing is highly competitive within the business and marketing industry. Why not think of outsourcing today?

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