Outsource-Philippines: What Makes Filipinos a Top Pick?

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Outsource PhilippinesThe Philippines has always been regarded as one of the “hot spots” for outsourcing. It takes pride in providing globally competitive staff capable of addressing the overwhelming business demands.Why Choose Filipinos?Outsourcing has transformed business landscape in many ways. It is now considered as one of the most effective business strategies that reduce operational cost while improving “in-house” services.For the past few years, the Philippines has positioned itself as one of the most desirable destinations for business process outsourcing. Since the birth of this business scheme, it has become a top key player in the BPO industry. As a matter of fact, India’s Tata Consultancy Services projected that Philippine outsourcing industry would grow by $25 billion in 2016 providing job opportunities to approximately 1.3 million Filipinos.It is not surprising why many foreign companies choose to outsource in the Philippines. Most BPO firms in the country offer 30-60 percent production cost reduction without compromising a world-class quality service. Apart from the country’s diverse culture, here are some of the most important reasons that make Filipinos a top-pick in the outsourcing market.
  • English language proficiency – The Philippines was a US colony from 1898 to 1946. Thus, English is one of the country’s widely-spoken languages making it an advantage for BPO companies to deliver voice-based services like customer service assistance.
  • A promising population – Education is among the top priorities of every Filipino. Its high literacy rate of 92.6 percent signifies a large talent pool of high-skilled workforce capable of exceeding business expectations.
  • Competitive labor rates – According to Aicomcorp.com, the Philippines is one of the most cost effective labor locations for IT and BPO services in the world. The country’s employee compensation cost is almost tenth to a fifth lower than those of domestic US operation.
  • Service-oriented staff – The foremost reason why foreign companies choose to outsource in the Philippines is Filipinos’ work ethics. They are known for being service-oriented and diligent. According to Jane Lockwood, an associate professor at the City University of Hong Kong, Filipinos go out of their way, not just in call centers, but in tourism and events management, to ensure people are well looked after. The Philippines has an absolutely fantastic service culture, an important component in keeping every customer satisfied, she added.
Indeed, the Philippines has established itself in the global BPO market. Needless to say, outsourcing industry will continue to flourish in the country in the coming years. Having such competitive and dedicated Filipinos is the key in taking your business to greater heights. Now, would you entrust your business to other country?For all of your BPO concerns and needs, visit the website of Outsource-Philippines or contact 1 (888) 644-8302 (US Toll Free Number) or +44 (1975) 525-002 (UK Phone Number). The company offers KPO services, contact center solutions, multimedia and web development services, SEO, bookkeeping, CAD, transcription, and writing, editing, and research, among others.

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