Myths About Strategic Outsourcing

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Myths About Strategic Outsourcing

Most people think of outsourcing as a dirty word, that’s a fact. But people who claim that it is a real dirty business only makes us scratch our heads.

Now hear their voices and hear us break those fallacies:


1.It steals other people’s jobs

Stealing comes from the precedent that something is taken without any permission from the owner. And who owns jobs? It’s not the employee of course, it’s the employers. Only the self-employed can own his job.

Now it’s clear, we know that strategic outsourcing is far from hijacking employers. They, in their own rights, entered a typical business deal. No palm rubbing, no evil grin, and no underground transactions – just pure business borne out of practicality. If that’s the case then outsourcing is very far from stealing. As a matter of fact, it even helps the economy of the outsource because it pushes revenue up and lowers the product price.

2.   It churns low-quality output

Low quality output could come from anywhere. Let’s get real: yeah, some outsourcing agencies will only squeeze the money only to hand you something unusable. But the fact is, there are lots of freelancers and companies out there that deliver quality output at a relatively low price. Some are crappy, and some are really good– It’s all a matter of discerning who to trust.

And isn’t that the same case in local businesses?

3.   It always has hidden costs

The horror of hidden costs- and again, it happens everywhere. There’s no way to know if a service provider is charging extra fees by just knowing whether they’re from offshore or not. There are lots of dubious companies out there who charge hidden fees.

Transacting online is risky. But just because the cost is very low, it doesn’t mean that you can’t believe it. And yeah, being scammed for peanuts is a lot manageable than being scammed for thousands of bucks.

4.   It’s a commodity

Talents are not commodity. It’s not something you can buy and forget. People need clear instructions, they need ample knowledge, most of all, they need to be treated justly. Else, the contract might turn sour, or the quality might not be good as you expected.

Outsourcing is just the same as any transaction with people, only minus the physical presence of an in-house setting. It’s still needs communication. So establish rapport and be clear with your expectations.

Of all the myths and nonsense surrounding the offshoring industry, there is but one thing that you can’t deny: sooner or later, you’ll need to outsource a task. That is, a prediction based on facts. Consider how the globalized business world is becoming more efficient, and consider how easy and practical outsourcing is.

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