Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed by KPO Providers

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KPO ProvidersThe outsourcing industry is continuously and rapidly progressing with today’s digital age. It is exactly in pace with the latest innovations and technology advancements. As new programs or software are developed and as business and computer processes become more complex, new outsourcing services are being offered.It has even started to reach freelancers who are attempting to offer and provide KPO services at more affordable and considerable pay rate than outsourcing companies. Most often, these freelance individuals have previously worked from outsourcing companies and thinking they could do it on their own, they started to offer the same services as a freelancer.KPO services are, indeed, the current trend in the outsourcing industry. For this reason, there are lots of individuals and companies offering KPO services. However, in contrast to the large amount of individuals and companies offering KPO services, only a small percentage achieves success.This is because offering KPO services requires specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. According to successful KPO service providers, one should primarily have:
  • Ability to reason and research;
  • Excellent English communication skills;
  • Knowledge of the latest, or at least basic, computer software and programs especially Microsoft Office; and
  • Sufficient experience in the specific field where KPO is required.
While everyone do have these basic requirements, not all KPO service providers master and are proficient in the specific fields/industries requiring KPO services. This is what most KPO service providers don’t understand.Most KPO service providers think it’s enough that they have the basic skills and related experience in BPO services for them to succeed in KPO. Well, they should think again. Before attempting to offer KPO services, they should first understand and contemplate on the fact that KPO requires more in depth knowledge, skills, and abilities than BPO.KPO is often required in field-specific industries such as in Engineering, Research and Development, Market Research and Analysis, Writing and Content Development, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Services, Science and Technology, Biology and Biotechnology, and Education and Training. Hence, more strict education and achievement qualifications and requirements are needed by every individual looking to provide KPO services.Such qualifications may include any or all of the following depending on the field requiring KPO services:
  • Knowledge in US laws;
  • Adept legal application skills;
  • Computer Aided Design and/or Computer Aided Manufacturing skills;
  • Knowledge in database research;
  • Ability to write thorough reports and make impressive presentations;
  • Knowledge in teaching methods/techniques; and
  • Knowledge in cultural sensitivity
Aside from these, individual corporations and business may require other KSAs from KPO service providers. So, before you embark on this opportunity-filled and promising venture, be sure you have sufficient KSAs to achieve success!

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