Is Outsourcing Good For America?

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OutsourcingMuch has been clouded in the persistent arguments of whether offshoring is doing good or bad for the economies of America and other European countries.

When you dig deeper in the rampant online debates and articles of different standing about the intriguing dilemma that both American businessmen and the federal government face right now, you can see the heart of the matter: cheap labor from other countries affects the local job market, consequently, the local economy.

But no, this is not another write-up to convince you to favor one side of this coin. At once, we promise to put out the sales talk and browse on arguments impartially. Let us look in-depth, weigh bit upon bit on its advantages and disadvantages, and until then you can judge at your own risk. Now, ready? Scroll:

The Side A: “Outsourcing Steals Local Jobs!”

Why, o why on earth was offshoring ever invented?

Many have asked a question of the same sort. But the reason behind their aversion toward the industry is simple to understand. Enough of the news about political backlash, their reasons are actually apprehensive at the least. They are on the disadvantage side of the business for a few apparent reasons they point:

1.   Millions of citizens are losing their jobs because they are being replaced by outsourcers.

Corporate owners seemingly don’t mind the working class. They are only the ones who benefit with the cheap manpower. The federal government should do something to prohibit this unfair practice.

2.   Money is invested in foreign countries instead of benefiting the locals.

What about that, trying to play hero to others while dooming its own countrymen? Generosity is a virtue, yes. But it should all start at home before the neighborhood.

3.   The local manpower is being underrated; therefore, fewer and fewer citizens become willing to pursue a degree associated with the offshored jobs. So is outsourcing a good option for America? Never.

Simply put, the decline of local jobs and investments are the main reason why outsourcing is being lambasted by the natives. And that is understandable; no one can be blamed for his patriotism.

The Flip Side: “Outsourcing Boosts the Local Trade”

Embracing the trade is the key to ace the world market.

On the contrary of Side A, some people see outsourcing not merely as a charity work, but as a business opportunity. And when there are opportunities, there are possibilities for economic boost. Some find the concept vague especially the side A people, but many economists and businessmen are firm with their stand. To explain:

1.   Million jobs are being lost because of outsourcing, but million jobs were also being created because of it.

America may lose a great number of IT experts, transcriptionists, and web developers, but what’s next? There will be a large pool of talents available for the bigger demand on higher types of jobs like managers, designers, and strategists; like the rise of machinists and engineers when the number of farmers decline.

2.   Investments made globally definitely goes back, that’s why they are investments

3.   The local manpower and talents will be focused on personally rewarding positions.

Less Americans will be dissatisfied because of the mundane and routinary office tasks. More will find not just a job, but a career.

How about you? Is outsourcing good for America? Here we leave you the judgment.

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