Home-Based BPO & KPO: Earn in the Comfort of Your Home

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A recent study conducted by the National Statistics Office reported that the Philippine’s unemployment rate escalated to 7.4% during the start of 2011, from just 7.1% in October of 2010. This is equivalent to 2.9 million jobless Filipinos, which makes the country one of the nations in Southeast Asia that has a high unemployment rate.

Hearing this looming data every year can undeniably force a lot of people to think that there is no longer a way out to this problem. However, alongside the advancement of technology and Internet services in the country, the Philippines is being embraced by bountiful number of opportunities in the business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge outsourcing process (KPO) industry. What is even more exciting is that besides the huge remuneration package and high compensation, workers are no longer required to get dressed and drive their way to the office. In short, employees can now earn money and work in their own pace, at the comfort of their homes.

What is home-based BPO/KPO?

Home-based business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge outsourcing process (KPO) are no different from the outsourcing services and work done in the office. The only apparent distinction is mainly the location, where the work can be done in the comfort of the workers’ own homes. Home-based jobs are made possible nowadays because of improved connectivity. Since Internet and phone services had been made extensive and dominant, regardless of distance and location, there is hardly any difference with the kind of work being produced inside an office and within the four walls of the employee’s own bedroom.

What kind of home-based BPO and KPO projects or jobs are available to workers?

Various projects or job opportunities are available for people seeking work at home. Some of these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Data entry/data conversion/data editing
  • Proposal/research/article writing
  • Web designing
  • Web development
  • Flash designing
  • Resume writing
  • Medical transcription/legal transcription
  • Medical billing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

How does home-based BPO and KPO employment work?

Several types of home-based jobs are available on the Internet. Most of the time, opportunities are provided by companies that are established for home-based work purposes. These companies already have established clients and partner companies that provide the projects for them. As soon as these companies hire the necessary people for the projects lined up, assignments are given online and are also submitted online. Salaries are also given electronically to eliminate the hassle of getting out of the house and going to the office.

On the other hand, some home-based workers choose to work independently and seek clients and projects of their own. They do these by creating their own web pages and advertising their services into various Internet sources.

Who may benefit from working at home?

These work-from-home opportunities make possible employment to people of all types. Most of these include not just professionals but also students, house wives, retired persons, and the handicapped. Of all the people mentioned, it is the women’s sector that is largely blessed with home-based opportunities. Most especially that most women are housewives, home-based job opportunities make it possible for them to earn money while taking care of their families at home.

What are the advantages of home-based working environment to employees and their employers?

Aside from the benefit of working in the comfort of one’s own facilities and environment, home-based jobs allow employees to do multiple projects and tasks at the same time. Evidently, this would increase the individual’s income and earning capacities.

On one hand, on the side of the employers, home-based employment will help maintain lower costs and preserve quality output. Since work is done at home, infrastructure and utility costs are less. Likewise, employees are assured to produce more quality results because work is done in their own pace, and right in their own homes.

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