Hiring PH-based Offshore Staff: The Best Choice

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PH-based Offshore StaffAccording to Lisa DiCarlo of Forbes.com, Philippines is one of the best countries in outsourcing. This Southeast Asian country is now popular for its emerging business offshoring industry, which has become one of the largest industries in the nation. Tagged as the best provider of call center services, Filipinos are making a name in the international scene as their BPO talents become known globally.

There are lots of jobseekers in the Philippines who try to start their career in the BPO sector. This is why there are numerous applicants in every outsourcing company located in key metropolises across the archipelago. Since many foreign firms are now into hiring services of an offshore staff, PH-based firms, these companies are exerting efforts to create a highly refined screening process so as to get the most qualified job candidates to fill in the vacancies. With these numerous applicants to choose from, jobseekers must possess qualities and skills that meet the demands of the hiring managers.

Edge over Competitors

Recruiters are very finicky in hiring a staff. Filipinos are known for their good English communication skills, characterized by a well-spoken language in a clear natural accent. Majority of foreigners believe that conversing with a PH outsourcer is a lot easier compared to non-English speaking nationals. To sum it up, this is just one of the reasons why investors prefer Philippine-based firms as their partner when it comes to telemarketing and other outsourcing business processes.

Aside from hospitable and friendly approach of Filipino workers to their clients, they also interact politely and respectfully that results in a good conversation. They are known for maintaining values at the workplace.

The Hiring Process

Standards on work ethics and quality service are the top priorities companies adhere to. Therefore, they assess applicants carefully during interviews and require them to submit legal requirements prior to hiring them. Aspirants undergo a series of interviews from well-trained Human Resource professionals who hire and manage a team of BPO employees popularly known as “call center agents.” The hiring process also involves certain physical and medical examinations and drug tests, which are all mandatory. Above all, firms are keen on employing workers who are computer literate since this industry’s main tools are computers. Shifting of work schedules and even working during holidays are also part of the policy of every company to meet working hours of clients from the other countries.

Why Choose PH

Foreign clients choose Philippines as their outsourcing partner because of the low cost of labor and operation. By hiring an offshore staff in the “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” it doubles the company’s production because offshore providers offer services at low rates. Not only it saves time and increase the production, but above all, PH professionals can provide quality services. Also, they can easily be trained for they are fast learners. To sum up, clients from other nations prefer dealing with local companies because of cost-effective labor, highly skilled and experienced workforce, and quality output.

One of the biggest challenges faced by most of businesses is conducting a thorough evaluation in choosing a trusted offshore partner. Despite the presence of numerous industry rivals, seeking for the best one that provides high standard of output and productivity seems to be tough. Consider a good choice. Why not hire an offshore staff in the Philippines today?

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