8 Things to Expect When You Work in a Call Center

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Are you planning to apply as a call center agent? Be prepared and check out this list of things to expect if you’re into the call center life.

1. You work when everyone else is asleep.


While others are lucky to work normal hours, most call center agents “work and live” in another time zone. Night or graveyard shift agents work at wee hours because they must answer calls from clients halfway across the globe. A few firms have shifting schedules while others enjoy fixed shifts until they move to another account or firm.


2. You spend weekends and holidays at work.


Call center life means spending weekends, Christmas, and New Year’s Day at work. Agents assigned to foreign accounts follow international instead of local holidays. Most call centers in the country celebrate American holidays including Independence and Thanksgiving Days.


3. You must be nice even to irate callers.

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Clients often call customer service to complain on a product or service. Agents should empathize with, be patient and ready to listen to, and appease unhappy callers. For faulty products, they can offer replacements or a free service. As for technical issues, agents must explain the steps in easy-to-follow language.


4. You sacrifice family and “me” time.


Since most call center agents don’t have fixed work hours and rest days, mingling with people outside work maybe next to impossible. It’s hard to go to birthday parties, family dinners, and get-togethers making them feel isolated.


5. You earn more pay than other jobs.


While downsides take place, most agents living the call center life say returns outdo them. Entry-level workers can earn between ₱10,000 and ₱14,500 per month sans bonuses, allowances, and incentives. This earning is huge compared to that of other non-BPO firms.


6. You receive full work benefits.


Aside from the large pay and allowances, most agents receive optical, dental, and health coverage. Their firms pay their SSS, PAG-IBIG, and PhilHealth contributions from the day of their hiring while others wait until they become regular workers.


7. You enjoy high-end facilities.

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If you work for a multinational firm, most likely you’ll be in a high-rise building with air-conditioned workplaces and sleeping rooms, and well- equipped pantry and gym. A few even offer vending machines, recreation rooms, and unlimited supply of coffee.


8. You delight in a laid-back dress code and get overtime pay.

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Unlike other jobs where staff needs to wear uniforms and take their work home, call center agents wear stylish outfits and get overtime pay for long calls. They can wear casual clothes on weekdays, and open shoes and short pants on washdays. They can enjoy night differential pay, double pay on legal holidays, and rest day overtime pay, too.

Living the call center life has its own pros and cons. If you’re planning to become a call center agent, then this list will help you understand their lifestyle. If you think you can handle the job well, we’re open to applicants. Visit our virtual assistance services page to know the various positions in our firm.

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