Facebook Posts That Make Your Friends Want to Unfollow You

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Facebook is a fun and dependable tool—when used correctly. Unfortunately, people have a way of ruining something that’s good by being careless and selfish with their actions, which in this case are accounts updates.

If it’s still unclear, here are the most annoying Facebook posts that people hate seeing on their news feed:

The Please-Excuse-My-Face-but-This-is-My-63rd-Selfie-of-the-Day

selfie of the day


Someone’s Constant Update of How Their Day is Going

daily status gif


Posts with Grammar That Makes Writers and Editors Want to Commit Suicide

friends you're vs your


The “Feeling Sad” but When You Ask What’s Wrong… “It’s nothing” Post


Hum-brag Posts

i don't mean to brag meme


“I Am So Sad With Everything Going on in My Life!”

adam levine i am in misery gif

Yet still manages to go on Facebook while being “sad”.


Sharing the most disgusting and inappropriate things

emma stone no no no gif


Constant hate post about everything everyone shares on social media.

no one on the world I don't hate gif


Sharing everything you accomplish in the Facebook games you play.

jennifer lawrence long aww gif


“Oh look, I took a test and it’s super accurate. Try it!”

uh huh meme


Extreme rants about political and religious views.

kid saying you're making me uncomfortable gif


“I went on a trip and to share the experience with everyone, here are 1,482 pictures!”

get over yourself gif


Random event invites.

we're not friends gif


Relationship updates including the “…now Single” then “…in a relationship with…”

blake lively kill me now meme


A photo tag of you…on a photo you look horrible in.

hysterical why would you post something like that gif


Posting parts of a song with absolutely no context.

i don't understand that reference gif


The inexcusable misuse of #foodporn

plain boring burger (photo courtesy of www.sweettoothsweetlife.com)

How is that #foodporn worthy?!


Mirror selfies taken at the gym and/or bathroom.

Movie and/or TV show spoilers

i can't even gif

Die you evil person!!!!


Comment “Amen” to go to heaven and keep scrolling to go to hell.

jessica alba are you high gif


Chain mail post (that sometimes even ends up in your messages)

didn't share the chain mail didn't die meme


Your Facebooks posts reach hundreds of your friends—sometimes even those who aren’t. Make sure you don’t post annoying statuses that can break someone else’s day.

Take it from the experts who know marketing in social media like the back of their hand, Outsource-Philippines.



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