7 Qualities of a Virtual Assistant that Customers Love

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If you ask virtual assistants to describe their jobs, you’ll likely end up with different answers. Some will say, “I do many things, but it’s so fun.” while others will go, “It’s so stressful.” Do not be discouraged with the remarks you get. After all, your performance and work attitude are all that matters.


Excellent service results to happy customers. So if you want to win your clients’ hearts, you have to be…


Just because you’re an “assistant” doesn’t mean you have to sit back and be told what to do. Remember that your job is to provide good service to your client. Ensuring that you know what they need before they even do is necessary.


Your reliability depends on your ability to work alone or with minimum supervision. Since you’re physically absent, it’s more pressing that you meet deadlines, be online on time, and do flawless work.

…Caring of Clients

You can only establish long-term relationship with your clients when you gain their trust. Some customers are inevitably hard to deal with, but you must treat and care for them on a professional and personal level.

…Open to Sharing Ideas

You’re not a computer who only provides exact answers to clients’ questions. Do not hesitate to suggest ideas that can help solve their problems.

…Welcoming of Criticisms

There will always be clients who will complain about your service. When you encounter one, don’t take it personally; use those judgments to motivate you and make you better.


If you’re not confident with your abilities, how can you make clients trust you? Showing confidence will help you present yourself to your clients without stuttering or stammering.


The relationship you have with your client is purely professional. But it won’t make you less business-like if you show your sense of humor during a conversation.

Handling your own customers can be rough. But with these qualities, you’re guaranteed to be appreciated even by the toughest client. If you’re looking for your own virtual executive assistant, contact Outsource-Philippines!




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